Successful first light for aluminium Sol’Ex at LRO 4/7/2024!

A short period of sunshine early this morning allowed me to try my Sol’Ex again, this time scanning in correct direction!

Wow! INTI produced pictures that look like the Sun!

Using Sky Watcher Equinox 72ED Pro telescope of HEQ5 Pro mount speed setting 2 for scan; and ZWO ASI 174MM camera.

The original SER video files for today’s data can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.


INTI-software-generated images of Sun in hydrogen alpha:

Download original SER video files from today’s Sol’Ex data by clicking on links below:

3 thoughts on “Successful first light for aluminium Sol’Ex at LRO 4/7/2024!

  • Angella Rodgers

    Something to see in each variation of the image. Super selection.

    • Thanks Joseph! These photos are taken using something called a SPECTROHELIOGRAPH – this is quite unlike a normal telescope/camera combination. In this case, a spectrum of the sun is taken – and then repeated many times in a scan across the sun. Then a clever (and free) program by Christian Buil (thanks Christian!) called INTI processes the spectroscopic data and turns it into an amazing photo of the sun. You can chose any frequency/wavelength you want on a dial on the Sol’Ex spectroheliograph (SHG) (within reason). These photos are at the wavelength of HYDROGEN ALPHA.
      Best wishes! Have great day in London.


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