Radio observation in hydrogen line (1420MHz)

Successful detection of galactic atomic hydrogen in Milky Way using Ptarmigan Triffid Military Phased Array 21-22/9/23 in Lichfield, UK

I successfully detected hydrogen for first time using SDR, hydrogen HNA, pre-amp, DC block, and SDR# (using version of SDR# software provided in SARA Scope in a Box software package).

I am very excited! Usually takes ages for me to get radio-astronomy projects to work but got successful detection here within couple weeks starting to observe.

So far, succeeded with phased array but not yet with 60x100cm mesh satellite dish. I will try that again soon.

The two graphs at the bottom of photos below show (i) array aimed at Deneb region of Cygnus (ii) array aimed at Cassiopeia. They show differences in peak amplitudes – I have yet to find out cause of these differences.


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