Radio observation in hydrogen line (1420MHz)

Plotting hydrogen of Milky Way

At last!

Pretty sure I have now managed to transfer my data to ezRA suite to produce some nifty plots! Waiting for Ted Cline from SARA to confirm – but it seems to me likely the following show hydrogen.

As always comments and constructive criticisms are very welcome!

I am hoping to let this run for few days and then demonstrate varying plot over time.



From last night:

The following shows the typical double peak of hydrogen detected via SDR# with IFAverage Plug-in and 50 Ohm dummy load to calibrate:

When I processed the data from last night from SDR# IFAverage plug-in is processed in ezRA suite, I obtained following results:

The Doppler shift of -0.4MHz corresponds to the hydrogen peaks seen on SDR# on same system – so even if the Doppler shift itself is erroneous due to some error in system then this data above corresponds to the typical hydrogen trace.

In addition, this peak is +96 degrees galactic longitude which corresponds to when Cygnus crossed Zenith – my Ptarmigan Triffid array is pointed at the Zenith.

The peak drops gradually as galactic longitude moves away from +96 degrees so that at +91 degrees see below:

There is another peak at +152 degrees galactic longitude, smaller than peak above = the Milky Way was now crossing Perseus:

The above findings correspond to the bright orange strip in the plot below:

The following two images show the Milky Way transiting the Zenith during observations above (images from Sky Safari):

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