Making own Image Intensified EyepiecesObserving Night Sky

Making an image intensified eyepiece from old generation 1 image intensifier tubes (originally published in 2009)

The document below was originally published in 2009 on – a website that is no longer extant – note any current version of that website name is not related to the one in existence at the time; the attached PDF file is also currently available (as of 16/10/2023) on Stargazers Lounge forum) – and explains how we made image-intensified eyepieces for our telescopes from old generation 1 cascaded image intensifier tubes.

The gallery shows some photos from the attached PDF, where details of construction methods and some sample results from using the eyepiece can be seen. the eyepiece is also easily converted into an image intensified night-sight/camera lens, and the construction methodology incorporates this into its deisgn.


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