2 thoughts on “Installing Ptarmigan Triffid array on new wooden mount to allow changes in elevation/altitude for radio observations at 1420.405MHz (hydrogen line)

  • Simon Street

    Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for your BAA Radio Section talk. The receiver I was trying to remember that I’m using is an RSP1A, which I’m very happy with, seams to be a step up in performance to the Nooelec SDR I also have and use.

    Thank you again for the Nooelec 1.4 GHz dish from Nooelec.

    Great talk!

    I have Line-of-sight radio relay experience in the field, but the was the Racal Tacnet version with corner reflectors. This competed with the original Plessey Ptarmigan version.



    • Thanks Simon!
      I’ve heard of your receiver – it is meant to be VERY good!!
      What I was trying to say is that it doesn’t take a particularly good one for H-Line detection so yours will definitely work well!


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