High resolution spectrum of whole Sun near main hydrogen line in Sol’Ex 10/6/2024

Sky was too cloudy today to attempt my first solar scan and processing of image of Sun in INTI – so instead I pointed my Sol’Ex spectroheliograph (SHG) at the sky clouds and it records a spectrum of reflected light (which comes from Sun) off them.

The high resolution grating on the Sol’Ex means the spectrum is isolated to a very small range of wavelengths – quite different to the solar spectrum taken with my CCDSPEC spectrometer (by similar means – pointed at cloudy sky).

I processed the spectrum in RSPEC software.

Found some calibration data from internet which may not be particularly accurate.

This is my first solar spectrum after eventually (with a lot of help from Minh) managing to focus the camera and collimation tubes properly on the Sol’Ex!


Source image captured in SharpCap Pro software – not that both spectrum AND vertical edges of spectrum are not in focus:

I loaded the image into RSPEC, rotated it 90 degrees, and calibrated it to get angstroms on x-axis:

Below is the final spectrum of the Sun measured from cloud-scatter :

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