First attempt at solar scans with new aluminium Sol’Ex 22/6/2024

Mounted on Sky Watcher ED 72 Pro telescope on a Sky Watcher HEQ5 Pro mount, ZWO ASI 174MM camera.

I placed sun just to east of where telescope pointing – then started recording video from 174MM using SharpCap Pro software and then slewed the telescope across sun at various speeds from x2 to x9 (each scan at single speed).

However, INTI software did not generate a solar 2D image on analysing the videos.

I don’t know why.



Following media assets are all accessed by prefixing file name with (I have already added this into URLs below).

Some of these video files are very large. I recommend downloading them by right clicking on the URL and selecting “Save As” option and save to your PC before attempting to open them.

Note that the last two videos (12:02 and 12:03) are smaller than the others because in those two videos I attempted to select region of interest around the main hydrogen alpha line rather than recording the whole spectrum – these two videos may be ideal first choices to look at as a result.


Videos recorded by SharpCap Pro from ZWO ASI 174MM Camera on Sol’Ex (AVI and SER versions of same video can be downloaded):


Results from analysis by INTI software:


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