Radio observation in hydrogen line (1420MHz)

“Completed” 1420.405Mhz(Hydrogen) Radio Interferometer Receiver based on AD8302 chip 18/11/23

“Completed” Radio Interferometer Receiver for 1420.405MHz Hydrogen work……well, I say completed = also needs 2 x coax cables with SAWBird+ H1M LNAs at dish end, couple satellite dishes & mounts, and power supplies for Bias Tees and AD8302 board…..And then it probably won’t work!!!!

But I need to be positive – so I can say POSITIVELY THAT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT IT WILL WORK!

Please let me know if I have missed anything out, got the order of components wrong or some other important error.

NB The green connecting cable connects the aluminium foil under the AD8302 board, with insulator between those two, and the metal box over the top of the board (which is inside the metal box).


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