Radio observation in hydrogen line (1420MHz)

A8302 Amplitude comparator board

Costing around £6 only on Amazon, I am hoping I can use this amazing little board based on A8302 chip in an interferometer. Ted Cline has successfully obtained interferometry fringes at 1420.405MHz using 2 simple aerials and an additive comparator made from soldering three coax connectors together – hopefully this little device will work even better but even if not then I can fall back on Ted’s simple system.

Today, I soldered wires to the A8302 board = probably, my poor soldering skills have damaged the board!!!


3 thoughts on “A8302 Amplitude comparator board

  • This type of board has been demonstrated in an interferometer by Jan Henning Holmedal Lustrup on the ARA FB group. It worked fantastically well for him. This would be useful for detecting discrete sources but I believe less so for H line work.

    • Thanks Jim.
      Do you think dishes around 80cm in diameter as interferometer can detect discrete sources and how far apart should they be?


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